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Well that really sucked donkey balls

The Rockets play team ball, even if a little disjointed for 3 quarters, then go completely cold in the 4th. Oh, and they forgot to play defense the entire 4th quarter as well. Towelie shot the ball 17 times, also known as 9 times more than Yao did. Ya, that's a recipe for sucess. Included in those 17 shots was a 2-9 experience from the 3 point line. He also shot 4-7 from the line. Great game dude, way to "take over". STOP SHOOTING THE BALL ASSHOLE!!! I have no idea how the scorer saw to it that he had no Turnovers, because there were three different occasions that the turnover was his fault. It was really bad. Yes, he scored 22 points, again, he shot the ball 17 times, he better have 22 points. For some crazy reason he played 44 minutes. Why didn't Aaron Brooks play? Your guess is as good as mine.