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Bartender! I'll have another one of these

I have never understood why the NBA has scheduling quirks like this, but the Rockets play the Sonics in back to back games. It truly makes no sense in this case since the teams are not even in the same time zone. I'm sure it's mafia related in some way though, just like everything Stern does, so I'm going to stop asking questions.

The good guys won a game yesterday, a game they tried to give away through piss-poor shooting, but Yao and Tracy wouldn't let their teammates get them down. I guess that's why we need TMac, to keep it together when our other guards forget that Yao is an option in the fourth quarter. Without both of these guys they would have lost as the two were a combined 19-34 for 55.9% from the floor for 47 of the 96 Rockets points. How did the rest of the team do you ask? 18-53 for 33%. Tracy missed both of his threes, but I would like to thank the good Lord that he only took 2, I can live with 2-3 a game. But more than that, unless he has hit all 2-3 of them first, is really asking for trouble. The Rockets as a whole managed 1-12 from the 3 point line for an Arctic cold 8.3%. What does this shitty shooting percentage add up to? The Sonics fucking suck.

Yao's monster line:

Yes, he's really, really good. Fuck anyone that thinks Chris Kaman can even be the cup in his jock.

The Sonics have now lost 11 straight and the Rockets look to make it 12 on Wednesday at 9:00PM CST. I loathe West Coast games, they mean I can't get my beauty sleep. And trust me, I'm a handsome devil without it, but I love me some sleep. On the plus side, maybe the Rockets will have time to wake up before they play the game this time around.

In other non-Rockets, non-basketball news, HAHA to the White Sox: Signing Dotel to a 2 year $11MM contract is just dumb