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Deja Vu all over again

... and not in the good way.

I could have sworn that last night's Rockets/Jazz game was a video replay of Game 7 from last May. All the same symptoms were present... Boozer and Deron Williams making tough shots in 4th Q, Yao not being a factor, Rocket D leaving the token white guy shooter open for Utah. And - most importantly - T-Mac shooting us out of the game, pussing out again, and not making any attempt to take the ball to the basket and draw contact/fouls.

Then I was horrified when I recognized new players who weren't on the team last year. But there was T-Mac, making the exact same mistakes again.

It's been 8 months, T-Mac. Have you learned NOTHING?

(I went to ESPN looking for photos of T-Mac from yesterday... there aren't any. Probably because he was shooting from 28 feet away the whole game and not in range of the cameramen.)

Tracy, why are you shooting SEVEN (7) threes in any game? Especially when you only made one?

Oh, and Rafer, you sucked again, too. 4-13 FG (0-4 from 3, nice!), again taking time away from Aaron Brooks. Ugh.

God, I hate the Utah Jazz. This will not make for a good Monday morning.