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The drive for five... and maybe more

Four wins in a row. And counting.

Rockets face the Minnesota Timberwolves tomorrow night at the Toyota Center. Correction for emphasis: The 19-17 Rockets face the extremely awful and barely fit to be a NBDL team 5-29 Timberwolves tomorrow night.* The Rockets (barring Yao Ming being hijacked and taken back to China overnight) should be on a five game winning streak as of Saturday morning.

As Col. Jessup would say: Rafer, you're in charge. Private Head doesn't make 4-of-6 on his next 3-point Proficiency Report (i.e. tomorrow), and I'm going to blame you. And then, I'm going to kill you.

There is no freakin' way we should even let the Timberwolves finish within 10 points of us.

* Thanks for sending KG to the East Coast, Mr. McHale! Much appreciated!