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I so very much hate the Utah Jazz

It's been well documented here just how much I hate the Jazz. From their name to their past players to their coach to their arena even. My problem today? Past Carlos Boozer stabbing a blind man in the front, CJ Miles fucking over my Longhorns and Jerry Sloan I have absolutely no reason to dislike any current member of the Jazz. Deron Williams is the third best point guard in the league right now behind Paul and Nash (and yes in that order, no knock on Nash, who is a bad, bad man, I just think CP3 is better now). I don't even hate Boozer because I'm positive there is more to his story than got out. Ronnie Brewer is a dirty Razorback, but he's also a damn good dirty Razorback. AK47 is a player I would take every single second of every day on my team. Okay, I forgot about Okur, I do actually hate that guy. This, on the whole, is extremely disconcerting for me. So you know what I decided? Fuck it, I still hate the Jazz.

Utah has been an extremely poor match-up for the Rockets on defense in the last few years. There was no one that could guard Boozer, and it's unfair to ask Yao to do it. And it's idiotic to say that since Yao can't guard him that he is a poor defender. Yao is a 7'6 center, he's not supposed to guard a power forward, he's supposed to guard a center. The Jazz don't happen to have anyone for Yao to guard. I'm interested to see how much of a zone we run tonight and how much Yao guards Okur away from the basket. If he does, that leaves Scola and Landry to guard Boozer. Those two guys have been playing some pretty damn good defense as of late and are the reason I caveatted us matching up poorly in the last few years. I want to see what happens with him tonight. And I will say anything under 21 points is a successful guarding of him. We also have no one to guard Deron Williams. He's too fast for any of our guards but Aaron Brooks and he's way too strong for Brooks. I'd like to see us put Shane on him, but I have no idea who guards Ronnie Brewer or AK47 in that scenario.

On the flip side there is no one that can guard Yao or Tracy on the Jazz, no one. Boozer gets used even worse by Yao than Yao does by him. Again though, it is completely unfair to ask Boozer to guard Yao and wisely they don't try it too much. Unfortunately for them Okur has no business being on the same court as Yao. I guess Kirilenko has had extended stretches of "good" defense against TMac, but that was really more due to Tracy deciding he wanted to be a pussy and not drive on him. If Tracy drove every time down the court against the Jazz he would drop 60 on them. Sadly he may be deathly injured too if his injury history of late continues.

So where does this leave us? In a high scoring affair this evening at 6:00PM CST. One I think will be extremely entertaining.

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Let's Go Rockets, time to kick a new tune the Jazz way.