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Ian Thomsen, you are on notice

Seriously, a few weeks ago I almost wrote a post about his completely egregious claim that Chris "Caveman" Kaman was even close to as productive as Yao, much less what he actually said. Not to mention his ridiculous assertion that Stoudemire should be in over Yao:

Fans' Current Pick
: Yao Ming
My Starter: Amaré Stoudemire. We understand what Steve Nash will do in the playoffs, just like we understand what Shawn Marion and even Grant Hill will do. But what will Stoudemire do? Will he create an MVP presence at both ends of the floor in the spring? Or will Tim Duncan prevail once again?
My Sub: Yao. In response to the Rockets' substandard 18-17 record, I have half a mind to replace Yao with Chris Kaman, who has been arguably more productive for the undermanned Clippers. But it goes against the spirit of the proceedings to replace the outside world's most popular star with a Clipper.

Now he comes off with this horseshit:

It's amazing how easy it is for an American player like Dwight Howard to get respect after just a few months of All-Star-level performances. Yet American media members like you still don't recognize Yao Ming as the best center in the West, when he's been a 20-and-10 player for three seasons now. Look at his statistics -- it's clear he's been the best center in the league the last three seasons. If he were American, he'd be dubbed the next Shaq.-- Kenny of Vancouver, B.C.

Thomsen: "I couldn't disagree more. From Day One, Yao has been celebrated for creating a new NBA passage from China. Have you forgotten how long it took Shaq to earn respect? Even when he was leading Orlando to the NBA Finals, he was still taking a lot of heat because of suspicions that he wasn't fulfilling his talent.

Howard is a no-brainer to start the All-Star Game because of his monstrous numbers and because he isn't competing with Amaré Stoudemire or Chris Kaman in the East. Yao may well be the best center in the West, but it's not a sure thing because for all of his individual numbers, he has yet to lead his team out of the first round (as Stoudemire has done). But Yao is young and -- like Shaq at the same age -- his best years are still to come."

My stance:
1. Chris Kaman gets destroyed when he plays Yao, DESTROYED. Yao even called him out telling him that he can't stop him in a famous youtube clip on another post below. Give me a break.

2. Wait, Stoudemire "[led] his team out of the first round"? That’s fucking news to me. I’m pretty sure if anyone led even a panty raid on that team it is Steve Nash. Stoudemire hasn't led a single thing in his entire life except maybe a train on some hoes. That guy is the antithesis of a leader. Again, give me a break.

3. Shaq was anointed from day 1, anyone stating otherwise is doing it strictly for their own agenda. He was the number one overall pick just like Yao, but he was treated like he was a basketball god from the beginning. Hell, he STILL thinks he belongs in the All Star game today and he hasn't done shit for 3 years.

4. Yao was given nothing, if anything his coming from China hurt him because people just assumed he wasn't really that good. Sorry, that's the way it is. I can't remember how many "chairman" jokes I heard. (Thanks for that BTW Simmons). Those people were wrong. Still to this day douchebags are saying dumb shit like "Chris Kaman, who has been arguably more productive for the undermanned Clippers".

And let me actually be clear on this. I REALLY like the Caveman, he's a very good basketball player. I like his hustle and his drive. He is NOT on the same level as Yao though, and it's really not close. Anyone that actually watches the two of them play can tell that.