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Is the glass half empty or half full?

The Rockets back their way into the mid-point of the season at 22-19.

If we continue this pace of mediocrity, we'd finish the season 44-38, and we'd miss out on the playoffs entirely. I refuse to accept that this is a possibility. Sure, we're not going to make Hollinger look like Nostradamus - we're not winning 60 games. Not even the Celtics went on a 38-3 spree this year.

Good news?

1. McGrady is back. (Okay, I can only hope this is good news)
2. We can't really get any worse, and our schedule is more favorable in the 2nd half.
3. We still have that 7'5" dude in the middle. Someone must get that memo to Rafer and Luther though.

The Bad News?

1. We're in 10th place in the West. We can't exactly expect any of these teams to backslide.
2. We're still in a division with San Antonio, Dallas and the Chris Pauls.
3. Towelie Alston is still on our roster.

The second half of the season starts tonight in Seatte. Kevin Durant gets at least 20 attempts to show off his 39% shooting percentage and try to upset the Rockets. Yeah, that's not happening.