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It's a Championship Rematch from 93-94!

Well, not really, but they are the same teams. This is win two of our 4 game win streak and the Knicks are a great team to get it against. It would be our fourth win in six games, and that's better than most thought when McGrady went down. But we want to at least make it 6 of the last 8. And tonight the Knicks should get ready for their 7th loss in a row and 12th of their last 14.

What am I trying to say? The Knicks suck, and if you lose to the Knicks at home I think you get kicked out of the league. They have one road win on the season against the Cavaliers, and the league was going to make them forfeit their season, but can't afford to lose LeBron's ratings.

So, at 7PM CST, let's get it on Knickerbockers, and get ready to lose.