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Let's not start sucking each others........

Hey, Rafer, awesome f'n game man. Really. Color me momentarily impressed.

Here's the thing though -- don't let it get to your head. You still suck.

One 20 point game a 2 point victory does not an all-star make. Or even a mediocre point guard. Hell, Tony Delk once scored 53 points in a game. Tony Delk. And he kinda sucked, too.

Things to work on:

(a) Try not giving the ball back to the other team when the score is tied and you have the ball. Yes, you scored the game winning layup. But you also gave the Magic 4+ seconds to attempt to tie the game AND they even almost got a chance at a tip-in following a miss. (Remember the famous clip of Isiah -- "score is tied... either we win the game or we go to overtime") Never give the other team a chance.

(b) When you do decide to give the Magic 4+ seconds to try to tie the game, try to stay in front of the man with the ball frantically driving to the basket for a layup. You were like an air traffic controller guiding him to the rim.

(c) There's a guy named Yao who is still on your team. He's 7'5". Pass him the damn ball.

Other than that, congrats guys... 16-17 and on the way to my predicted 4 game winning streak.