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Marc Stein, what are you smoking?

I just read the Weekend Edition of ESPN's Daily Dime while watching the Rockets versus the Salt Lakers (I just can't call them the Jazz anymore). Here's what Marc Stein had to say about the West Reserves after picking Camby as his reserve:

"But I still say Camby has had the best first half of any center in the West. He has had more all-around impact on his team, even, than Yao in Houston."

Say what now? Marcus Camby? Really? That is insane. Camby is an extremely competent NBA player and one of the best defensive players in the league. But here are the stats this season so far:I know stats aren't everything, but this is pretty telling. Yao has been the entire team for a good stretch of this season, a pretty solid stretch for the Rockets at that. He's a better shooter by 5% and actually has to carry the load for the team getting double and at times triple teamed. He also shoots 17% better from the line. On top of that offense he averages 13 more points per game. All these stats don't even take into effect a simple fact, Camby is the third player on his team, a team that includes two All Stars in Melo and The Answer. The next time they expect him to score at all will be their first.
Here's the biggest point of all this "all around impact" horseshit, Camby's ONLY job is to play defense and rebound, it's impossible for him to ever have a better "all around impact" on anything because his game isn't rounded at all. And in case you were wondering, he only gets 3.7 more rebounds including .1 better on the offensive glass where he has no responsibility but to rebound. And his blocks are 1.7 more a game. Can anyone imagine how big of a beast Yao would be at blocking shots if players weren't allowed to charge into him like they are not allowed to do to Camby?
Just as an aside, this year the Nuggets are have had approximately 102 possessions a game to the Rockets
97 possessions a game. Those 5 extra possessions could make up some of the slack for Yao on the rebounds as well.
I cannot imagine any logical person stating any center not named Dwight Howard has even had a season close to Yao, much less better. And while I can imagine it, those that would say Howard can say it, but they'd be wrong. In summary, you're opinion is not on point here Marc.