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Rockets Beat the Wi--rds!

Well, as I said earlier today, the Wi--ards were no contest for the Rockets. I was a bit off on my Yao scoring prediction. But he finished the game strong:

He played solidly and fouled Blotch out and put four on Haywood. Good game but not great, actually it was a bad game for him. He's going to destroy Eddy Curry as usual tomorrow night.

Luther Head had a great scoring game, but was pretty poor at handling the ball. Two turnovers that were his fault were attributed to Yao, he put him in really bad situations on multiple occasions. Still though, 8-13 and 4-6 from the three will get you a bit of a pass.

For a lot of the game, I was prepping myself for my second post ever with a positive Rafer review. Then he threw 3 dumb passes in the fourth and had 5 turnovers. He did have 10 assists, but 4 of those were on slow set up threes by Luther. Still, 10 assists is 10 assists, but 5 TOs is 5 TOs too. I was willing to forgive, but he also went 1-6 from three land. Of course one of those was a huge rally killer for the Wi--ards. Damn, it was a confusing game. I want to lean towards the positive, so you know what? I will. Decent game Rafer, you've had a great game, then a shitty game, then a decent game. I'd settle for decent every night with a few hints of great if he'd cut out the shitty. 6-9 inside the arc will do every night, just keep driving if that is what stops you from shooting from further than 10 feet out.

Decent game, it's win 3 of 5 in a row (at least) and the Knicks are up tomorrow night at 6:30 CST. They have 7 of their 8 wins at home, and actually have a half time lead as I type this. Still, that's win 4 in a row, completing Dave's prediction, and getting one step closer to mine.

Let's Go Rockets, kick them straight in middle of their Knickerbockers!!