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Rockets vs. The Wi--rds

They don't get an A or a Z without Agent Zero playing. Or at least playing basketball and not Halo. And I don't think there are too many people that are not members of Dave's or my family that would be reading this that have not been, but if you haven't, Gilbert has the premier players blog out there. Give it a visit.

Agent Zero: The Blog File

And it just so happens, to go along with that, the Wi--rds have one of our favorite fan sites as well, so check it out:

WIZZNUTZZ, where you know they are hardcore because they substituted not one, but TWO ZZ's for S's (Though the site was down while typing this up for some reason)

Enough about other blogs for right now. Let's get to the meat of the story. Ummm, meat, I had an awesome steak last night, and I bet my wife makes me eat chicken tonight. Stupid belly sticking out, giving me away...

Anyway, the Rockets take on the Wi--rds tonight. A team that inexplicably has a winning record right now and is due for a beat down. And the Rockets are just the team to deliver said beat down. Both teams have won two in a row and the streaks have to end sometime, but it's not the Rockets time yet. It's win number 3 of 5 in a row coming up at 6PM at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C.

It just so happens that in honor of our upcoming 5 game winning streak, beating the Wi--rds tonight would be our 5th consecutive over them. I say that's a good omen.

I'm dedicating this win to all the people that still believe, like I do, that the Bullets was a much better team name and that it hurt nothing for it to stay that way. I mean, when the Bullets came to town you still weren't scared cause they sucked, but you never knew, a Bullet could jump up and get you, it was tangible. A Wizard is just imaginary and makes me think of Harry Potter. All the magic in the world wouldn't stop me from kicking Harry Potter's ass.

And I didn't get this in context, but it looks like he's saying the Celtics are monsters and that the Rockets could be easily overlooked:

"I want to see him against the best players -- with the monsters coming in. We've got Houston. We've got Boston, but who's looking ahead?" Jordan said.

So I say, let's put that on the bulletin board boys and kick some ass.