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Streaking! [For] a Quad!!

Yes, I firmly believe the Rockets will win the next four games. I see a four-game winning streak ahead of us if we can take care of business. Come on, everybody, we're going streaking!!! For a quad!!! (Rafer, you don't have to join us if you don't want to... it's okay. Really. And keep your green hat.)

My gamble begins tonight with the Rockets traveling to Orlando to establish their dominance over Dwight Howard and the Magic. My statement (not quite a guarantee) that the Rockets would win has already been called out by a prominent Magic blog. Nevertheless, I stick by my initial convictions!!!

The recipe for success? Distract Dwight Howard by hijacking the videotron above the court - have it play The Lion King on an endless loop. Howard has already admitted to it being his favorite movie. He will not be able to overcome the technological sneak attack.

Yao can then dunk all over his ass.

Then just wait 5 minutes... and let Rashard Lewis start shooting 3s non-stop while he counts his money. Rebound the inevitable misses. Savor the results. Oh, and keep Rafer on the bench and let our midget rookie play. That guy can play some ball!