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That's 3!

And down goes Washington.

(caption - Yao: "Oh, I'm not used to my teammates actually trying to take the ball to the basket and make layups. That is my fault, Mr. Head. Sorry.")

Orlando Magic (in Orlando) ... W
New York Knicks (home) ... W [too easy]
Washington Wi--rds (in D.C.) ... W

That's three W's in a row! As predicted. W-4 is tonight in New York.

T-Mac ... still in fancy suit on the sidelines; contributing about as much as Clutch. Check that - you can never discount the role Clutch plays on team morale. Clutch doesn't sulk.

Anyway -- bring on the Knicks!

(then the Baby Wolves!)

(then the Hornets........ oh, wait, Chris Paul. Oh, shit... uhhhhh)