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That's Five, Now let's go for Six

Dave and I went to the game on Friday, and it was pretty freaking sweet. 65-33 at halftime, and I have to be honest, we played like shit in the first half. That is by far the worst team I've ever seen in person. There were exactly three players that looked like they cared at all, and unfortunately only one of them, Corey Brewer, actually has any true NBA talent. Micheal Doleac and Ryan Gomes were the other two, and both made it to the NBA based on hustle.

And let's just point out, Dave and I told y'all this was going to happen.

Dave was on Corey Brewer's jock the whole game, I'm pretty sure he would have slept with him if Corey asked. At one point in time he said that he's the most complete rookie in the league. I had to bitch slap him and remind him that Kevin Durant and his plethora of awesomeness existed. Plus, I think Durant actually outweighs Brewer by 50 pounds, and Durant is pretty skinny himself. Honestly, I've seen Kenyan marathoners that outweigh this guy. He weighs less than a full grown chicken. They have him listed at 6'9 185, and Durant listed at 6'9 225. Now I know y'all know how thin KD is, and he is listed at FORTY POUNDS more than Brewer, that's re-donk-ulous. He has catastrophic knee injury written all over him, and that's a shame, because he actually cares about basketball on a team that doesn't.

By the way, Al Jefferson is not that good. He has potential, but never took advantage on the offensive end of Yao's extended periods out of the game. He also didn't do much on defense, he just happens to play on a shitty team and is a bit above average, so he cleans up the stat sheet. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE that thinks he's even in Yao's league is an absolute idiot.

That brings us to today's game versus the Hornets. It starts at 1:30 CST at the Toyota center. Let me start this preview by stating this: Chris Paul is my favorite non-Rocket in the league right now. He is everything that is right about the game of basketball. He's averaging 21.7PPG, 10.4A and 2.9S per game, that's fucking incredible. That is what a point guard can be. Someone you can rely on in the clutch and to hit the wide open man with the ball in traffic. I'm betting both Milwaukee and Charlie Bell wish they had that choice back. I mean, Andrew Bogut doesn't suck, but he can't carry Chris Paul's jock. Marvin Williams in Atlanta is good too, but again, not Chris Paul. The only team you can't fault too much is Utah, because Deron Williams is damn good as well.

The Hornets come in as winners of 8 of their last 10 games, besting the Rockets 7 of their last 10. They are extremely good. David West is finally playing like the player I thought he would be coming out of Xavier. And having Peja back has surely helped as well.

Overall this is not a good matchup for the Rockets of the beginning of this year. The Rockets over the last five games though? They match up pretty well. It takes a team approach to the game to beat the Hornets, and the Rockets are a team finally.

My prediction?

Rockets 97 - Hornets 96