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Time for an 80's Mid Season Review!

Well, provided I get this up before 9:00PM CST today we will still be at the mid-season mark. The Rockets have had many ups and downs. They started the season 6-1 and had a 6 game winning streak going until 2 Saturdays ago. That's 12 wins, so the rest of the season they have gone 10-18, not exactly enough to get you in the playoffs in the Western Conference. That being said, from the very beginning of this blog Dave and I have asserted that this team will not completely gel until after the All Star break. You've seen signs of it as of late, 8 wins in the last 10, 10-5 in the last 15. For now though, the good guys are 22-19, 3 games over .500, 6.5 games out of first in the Southwest Division, and 2 games out of the playoffs. I stand by my prediction that they will be in the playoffs AND win at least the first round. I think when it is all said and done we get to the sixth seed. Now, let's get to some Mid-Season "Awards"

Since the Rockets have played like a bad 80s movie this year, I thought it only fitting to give out some awards that were created from some of my favorite moments/characters of the decade:

The Daniel LaRussa Award: For kicking ass when few give him any chance, even when he proves over and over that he’s "The Best Around": Yao Ming, though he's busy practicing so he is unable to attend.

The Officer John McClane "yippe-kay-a mofo" Award: For being a complete bad ass: Yao Ming (Note: This is Yao's second award, he is really cleaning up)

The Ferris Bueller Lazy Man of the First Half Award: "I feel like taking the day off and everyone but a select few like my sister will still love me": Tracy McGrady
The Sloth Award: Goonies is one of my favorite movies and sloth is one of the all time greatest side kicks. He's there in the clutch at the end and always seems to make a difference when you least expect it: Shane Battier
The Darth Vader in Jedi Award: A "Beautiful black visage removed to reveal a feeble, crusty old white man": Shane Battier

The Gopher from Caddyshack Award: For being scrappy, resourceful, having the ability to annoy the shit out of other players, for being just plain bad ass and you could see singing "I’m Alright, Don’t Nobody Worry ‘Bout Me": Luis Scola
The Jimmy Edwards Wizard Award: While short and young, Jimmy Edwards dazzled when no one thought he could do it. Against all odds/playing for Oregon and somehow not knocking up a cheerleader, he rode to the top: Aaron Brooks
The Mogwai Award: You think, what harm can it do, until you realize little things like it's name meaning Evil Spirit in Cantonese/has a history of being a fuck-up, it can't go near bright light/make layups, can't take a bath/hit three pointers and can't eat after midnight/not turn the ball over at crucial times: Rafer Alston
The Howard the Duck Award: Lots of hype as it was made by LucasFilm, unfortunately only had one good aspect, Lea Thompson/shooting while not being guarded, it bombed in every other way though/can't dribble, throw an entry pass: Luther Head
The Rad Award: Great movie when I was a kid, and Lori Laughlin turned a cheesy 80s movie into a long career. Much like our award winner has turned only being able to rebound into a few million dollars in the NBA: Chuck Hayes
The Tom Cruise in The Outsiders Award: For the guy who you think looking back; "How the hell did he end up being the biggest star of that group and we didn't realize it right away"? : Carl Landry
The Goose Award: For the guy who is a fantastic sidekick and is always there keeping his friend loose/laughing on the bench. A guy who you will be really be sad to see go: Dikembe Mutumbo
The Doc Brown Award: This is given to the craziest guy around, a guy who you aren't quite sure about until it all comes together in a time machine made out of a Delorean/champion: Daryl Morey
The Norman Dale Look-Alike Award: Coach Adelman, plus he has a drunk son/assistant coach just like Dale did in Shooter.