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Turnovers suck

Luckily the team hasn't had too many as of late. I was reading a Feigen breakdown of the last few games lower turnover rate and saw this:

"In that stretch, I had games of four, five, six turnovers," guard Rafer Alston said. "After the Philly game, I know I made a concerted effort to not turn the ball over and be sure and strong with the ball. I noticed that my turnovers and the team's are down significantly in the past few games."
Rafer apparently hadn't noticed before that he was turning the ball over. Why in the Philly game did you need to have 6 turnovers and 9 as a team in the fourth quarter to know you were turning the ball over too much? Wouldn't the first 2-3 have been a good indication? Why do you need six? The four and then the five in the two prior games weren't bad enough to show you either? Six is the magic number? Really?
Man, I really tried to like you when you first got here, but shit like this keeps you permanently on my "I hate you as a player" list.