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Well this is a first

The Rockets just beat the Orlando Magic, win one of the four game streak that The Dream Shake has predicted. That's a rarity in itself this season, a Rockets win against a good team. But that's not the first I'm talking about. This is:

Rafer Alston had a great game. I know what you're thinking; "Holy shit someone on The Dream Shake complimented RAFER."(EDIT: It's so rare I accidentally typed Yao here last night.) And you'd be right to think that.

Rafer, I salute you (Dave hates you in every way still though, I promise). You had a wonderful game. If you want to play like that every game, I'll stop talking shit about you relentlessly. This was the Rafer we thought we were getting when we traded someone we actually liked in Mike James for you. 20 points, 7/14 including 3/4 from the three, 8 assists, only 2 TOs and 2 steals to cap it off. And on 3 of your 4 threes you had no choice with the clock winding down, and on the fourth you were wide open. Seriously man, I'm not joking, that is what I want from you night in and night out.

And just to keep the rest of the I hate Rafer Alston crowd happy, I could take a few less of your "tearputs", that is not a legitimate shot, just lay it up man.

I thought he deserved his own post, I'm proud of you Rafer.