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Where's Waldo, um, I mean Bonzi?

Missing: Bonzi Wells, 31 y/o, 6 ft. 5 in. tall, approx. 210 lbs. (ed. - yeah, right!)

Bonzi was supposedly in the starting lineup last night for Houston - but I didn't see him. In fact, I haven't seen him since the first Memphis game in Houston (all the way back in December!). Here is the last known photograph of Mr. Wells:

From the look of it, maybe he's trying to hide? Because he's certainly not scoring points or playing any defense. Which (surprisingly) we could have used last night against the Durants. The box score says Bonzi played 19 minutes, shot 2-8 from the field for 4 points and had a solitary rebound to bookend his 2 turnovers. Yes, and he was starting in place of T-Mac.

Time to re-adjust the rotation again, Ricky. I'm okay with T-Mac off the bench. Even T-Mac seems okay with it. Bonzi is not the answer to fill-in though. Hell, even Luther Head has been more productive as a starter. Bonzi has not been 1/2 the player he was supposed to be when the Rockets signed him last year. Sure, he and JVG had their issues and I figured he'd get his shit together with Ricky as his coach. Nope. I was wrong.

Scola, Brooks and Landry are showing hustle and determination - Bonzi is at the other end of the spectrum. He and Rafer appear to be feeding off each other's mediocrity. This is not good.

With the Rockets needing to finish the season on a .750 win pace, we cannot allow Bonzi's lethargic play and attitude permeate the roster. There are too many players who have earned the right to play instead of him. (Even Rafer.) Sit Bonzi over by Stevie and Mike James. Ricky -- it's the only thing to do.

In the meantime, Bennett Salvatore -- you are now on notice, too! The Rockets pulled off a dramatic 109-107 comeback last night. Salvatore did everything he could to prevent it though. Two b.s. calls on Carl Landry - the last one on a "loose ball" rebound where Kurt Thomas got tired and just fell down. The Rockets should have had possession. Instead the dirty Horned Frog is shooting 2 free throws. T-Mac and Rafer had to make crazy dramatic 3s to overcome the referees last night. Even Bill Worrell and Air Bullard were on Salvatore's case last night.

Rockets: 23-19. Up next - at Portland on Friday. Brandon Roy? Meet Shane Battier.