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Who's House? Yao's House!

Yao pretty much owns Dwight Howard, they showed a stat early in the game showing that in DHo's 7 games previous to this he averages 12 points and 7 rebounds(May be made up I can't remember the exact stat), by far his worst stats against any one team. And that is with a 21 and 11 the last time out added in. Tonight, Yao continued his domination. And I don't want to hear a single word from Magic fans, he legitimately fouled all 6 times and could have been called for another one.

You know what this does to Howard's reputation? Not a damn thing, he's a fantastic young player and one of my favorite in the league.

It does however, mean that Yao has owned the meetings.

This season alone:

Game 1
Howard: 7-13 for 21 points, 11 boards (1 Offensive), 3 blocks and 5 fouls and he was 7-9 from the line
Yao: 7 - 18 for 19 points, 19 boards (5 Offensive), 3 blocks, 2 assists, 3 fouls and 5-8 from the line

Game 2
Howard: 5-11 for 16 points, 8 boards(2 Offensive), 3 Steals, 1 block, 6 fouls and 6-10 from the line
Yao: 10-18 for 26 points, 10 boards (6 Offensive), 4 fouls and 6-7 from the line

There is an ongoing problem though, in the last 4 games, there has been a ridiculous foul called against Yao. Tonight's was the worst. He stood in the lane as Luther Head went for a layup on the fast break. Dwight Howard runs up his back and Yao is called for an offensive foul. It was the worst foul call I've seen that involved contact in my 22 years of watching NBA basketball (I'm older than that, but don't count stuff like that until I actually know what I was watching). It was even worse than the foul that the Beard had called for him the other night and worse than the offensive call he got when he got punched in the ribs two nights ago. It was horrendous in every sense of the word. I'm hoping someone over at Clutchfans caught that on video so I can post it here. I can't even describe it well enough to give it true justice.

Update, here's the video (And the racist crap isn't my tag, just comes with the vid):

And for anyone saying that the Magic won tonight, give me a break, that could have gone either way. It was one that I could have seen called in or out. I personally think it was no good, but I would not have been upset if it had been called good.