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That's 9, One more till I say I told you so

The Rockets played a horrendous game for three quarters, then turned it on in the fourth. They overcame one of the worst field goal percentage days of Yao Ming's career. Some of that was done by Yao going a perfect 10-10 from the line and pulling down 14 rebounds. They also survived a triple double from Bron Bron, who basically set out to tell Dave to suck it. He had 11 assists and the rest of his team made 23 shots, so without his help they were only able to make 12 shots. That's just sad. I now agree that his teammates are awful (Except for Gooden, I like that guy) and understand why he is begging for new ones. Of course Dave has a great point, he also begged for Big Z to stay and to get Larry Hughes, so he reaps what he sowed. Maybe they should just tell him to shut up and not let him player evaluate.

There isn't a ton to say about the game, both teams shot horribly, the Rockets just found a way to close it out, they are the better team, plain and simple. That makes the streak 9 in a row on the road, 18-4 in 2008 and 9 in a row overall. The 9 in a row on the road is the longest streak in club history, tying the streak set in the first championship season.

Next game up is against the lowly Miami Heat on Thursday night at 7:00PM CST to make it 10 in a row. Of course I probably shouldn't get too excited as the Rockets are actually one of their NINE wins on the season, so maybe I shouldn't be so cocky, but come on! It's the freaking Heat!

Now we just need GS to lose (Utah would win, again putting me in a dilema) and Boston to take out Denver