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All knowing, All seeing

That's 10 in a row, not to toot my own horn, but I did predict this. Actually, fuck that, I will toot my car horn, my trumpet, my trombone; I'll even toot some stinky stuff. I predicted that. THAT JUST HAPPENED!!

Luis Scola and Carl Landry combined 30 points, 15 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals. Why do we need Bonzi again? Yao was 10-11 for 21 points to go with 9 rebounds and a block. Even Tracy found his way to 23 points after starting out very hot, then when he got cold, instead of jacking up shots he drove the lane and dished his way to 10 assists.

I know it was just the Heat, but they played extremely hard, the Heat were in no way just laying down. We played great defense and they still shot 47 % from the field and 50% from the three point line. Our forcing of turnovers is where we built and kept the lead.

Just a sidenote, but Miami is extremely stupid if they don't sign Marion long term.

The Rockets are now 19-4 in 2008 and 34-20 overall on the season. They are in the seventh spot with no tie, one game out of the six spot and only 4 games out of the first overall spot in the conference. And they have a chance to guarantee a one game swing by winning tomorrow night in New Orleans.

Seriously, 10 games in a row, that's fantastic. I had exactly one other person email me telling me I wasn't crazy. I know that we didn't play a hard schedule, but everyone plays the same teams for the most part, and 10 in a row is 10 in a row. And a 10 game winning streak prediction is bad ass. I think that is number 2342 on my list of most awesome things I've ever done, and there are some pretty bad ass things I've done in my life, so that's not a knock on the prediction.

If we can find a way (maybe ask Bobby Jackson for some pointers) to beat New Orleans in Louisiana tomorrow night, we should have a 16 game winning streak going into the game at Dallas on March 6th. We play: NO on the road then have 5 home games in a row with Chicago, Washington, Memphis, Denver and Indiana. Only NO and Denver should really be games in that schedule.

I'm just going to enjoy 10 in a row for the rest of the night, it's a wonderful thing!