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Blog Wars

Dave and I have tried lately to be diligent about linking to the best blogs we can find that have to do with the teams we are playing next. We are trying to get even better about it and hope to bring some more Q&A to you in the future when we actually get ahead of the game and not just caught up. So I was looking at Timberwolves blogs and realized that in our last 3 games, including the T-Wolves game, we have run into a few of the finest blogs out there. The crazy part? The dedication that is out there for three teams that really don't have much to look forward to this year. Every team goes through it, so I'm sure these guys will be back in the playoffs in the upcoming years. I just wanted to say thanks for the dedication and inspiration:




And as a side note I haven't looked at the upcoming games and you already know how much we like BlazersEdge