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A double digit photo essay!

Rockets win ten in a row. 10! TEN!

Lee even called that shit shortly after New Year's Day. Impressive. Of course, when I told him I was going to do a bookend photo essay once we hit the magical ten, he claimed that was his idea, too. I called bullshit.

Anyway, after the Rockets dropped a big dime on the rest of the NBA, I present you a Photo Gallery of a Ten Game Winning Streak!
(Mary Lou Retton... hell yeah! And she's a Houstonian, too!)

I had to be careful researching this. Google Images finds some, uh, interesting things!

Vs. sucked, but Ten was great!

The NBA schedule maker sets 'em up... the Rockets knock 'em down.The 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Not call Yao "soft".

and how could we ever forget the most important #10 in Houston Rockets history?

Sam I Am!
10 wins in a row. 34-20 on the season... moving ever closer to the top of the Western Conference. Go Rockets!