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Good News! Arts and crafts time has been extended by 4 hours!

On a daily basis I go over to Hardwood Paroxysm and check it out, but the thing I look forward to the most is their daily post about the games of that day. We need to discuss with them that the Rockets kick ass a little more and should be reviewed a bit higher, but I digress. Today I went to check it out and saw this:
8. There Ain't Room Enough In This Division For Both Of Us: Utah at Denver. This
is going to get downright NASTY. The Jazz are pissed that no one is paying any
attention to them and have been destroying teams. Denver meanwhile has been
pacing itself. These two are rearing to go. The biggest thing is that both teams
have been showing a lot of bully mentality lately. The Jazz were positively
thuggish in the beatdown of the Hornets this week. Everyone was popping jerseys,
pumping fists, and glaring. Meanwhile, Denver has Carmelo Anthony and JR Smith.
Consider this your brawl-pick of the night.

That completely sucks, I now have to cheer for the Jazz, and that is just not cool man. I feel like I was just told I'd be quilting for 4 more hours. The only problem is that my fingers already hurt and I can't say anything because I don't want to pull landscaping duty. Back pain is way worse than finger pain as you well know. And the truth of the matter is that all I really want is a warm glass of milk to help put me to sleep, but all I get is a warm glass of shut the hell up.

Why didn't I know this already? Well, mostly because I'm lazy and didn't look at the schedule before I saw it over at HP.

So Go Ja... Fuck! I can't do it. Go Denver, pull a hammy, don't kick some ass!

Other game(s) of note tonight for the Rockets playoff hopes:
The Bulls go into Portland to win. Not because the Trailblazers aren't a much better team, just because they seem to like to lose to teams from the East at home. Of course, if Hinrich and Gordon are both out, scratch that completely. Though with Noah on board, you never know, that guy is due for a 26 point, 17 rebound 5 steal game. It's in his future i just know it