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He's a threat to Western Civilization!

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Hey, Fat Ass, I'm getting sick of your act. I mean, in 1992 when you and Horry were rookies, you were great - a breath of fresh air to the league. An oversized kid. The problem is, it is 16 years later - and you still have not grown up. You are 35 years old, and act like you are 15. It is no longer cute.

Now you are attacking Bill Walton for vocalizing an opinion that most basketball fans share?

[O'Neal: "I would like a little respect"]

What was it that Bill Walton said that was so egregious? As quoted in the article:

"If this works out for Shaquille O'Neal, this will be a terrible indictment of him because he was doing absolutely nothing, saying he couldn't play at all, now he's saying he's going to win a championship?" Walton said on ESPN. "What's up with this? Six weeks ago Shaquille O'Neal was on the verge of the all-time consecutive foul-out rule and (Heat coach) Pat Riley saved him. This is going to be very, very tough for Shaq to work his way through."

Uhhh, Shaq - where is he wrong? You once again showed up to training camp in September/October fat and out of shape - a no-no in Pat Riley's world. You know how much Riley despises out of shape players. And yet you act as if you are above his rules. Once again displaying a complete lack of leadership. Which is partially why Miami started out lethargic and is now stuck in a historically bad season (losing 23 of the last 24).

This is not even the first time you've pulled this act. You routinely showed up out of shape. The last time you were in shape was after you got traded. Before that? Maybe 1995?

Meanwhile, your comments on Bill Walton discredit what he did for the game. Yes, Walton can often be a complete clown as a broadcaster and commentator. But in the late 1970s, he played the center position as well as you can play it. You never reached that point. Walton's feet then gave out on him - and yet he tried for a decade to overcome that. Walton even took on a less desirous bench role with the Celtics - just to play the game he loved so much. The dude can't even walk or stand for long periods of time now because of the sacrifices he made.

If anyone deserves to be shown respect as an athlete, it's him. Not you, Fat Ass.

Oh, and this whole "pecking order" thing of yours where you classify yourself behind Bill Russell, Kareem and Wilt Chamberlain? Uhhhh... nice try. Hakeem was a better player than you, and led much less talented teams to TWO rings. Imagine if Hakeem were 7'1" and 300 lbs.? Scary.

Now, Shaq, while your 2000 MVP season cannot be questioned, Kobe and Dwyane Wade carried your dumb ass to the title in '01, '02 and '06. You were not the main reason those teams won. In fact, if you didn't goof off in the '04 NBA Finals - you might have had another ring - but you underestimated Detroit. Typical of you.

I hope Steve Nash beats the s--t out of you with his hockey stick when you are constantly huffing and puffing up the court and cost the Suns another playoff series.