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Houston Press Blog

As much as I want you to only read one Rockets blog, THIS ONE YOU ARE READING NOW, Jason Friedman over at the Houston Press writes a good blog about the Rockets mostly, and I ran across this article from him :

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: New York’s Super Win Gives Rockets Hope

In it he ponders "What If?" and wonders if the Rockets can do the same thing the Giants did; win it all after a really slow start. It's a nice dream to have, and one I share. What if the Rockets can turn it around completely?

I've been saying since the beginning of the season that the guys would need until after the All Star break to really gel. They've done a great job of late, winning 13 of their last 16, and 8 of their last 9 but have done so mostly against lesser competition, though they have beaten the Warriors, Spurs and Trailblazers in the last 8. Can this team really get much better after the break? By my calculations they will be sitting at 32-20 going into the break. Just for reference, last year they were 33-19 at the break, one game better than that pace. After that they went 19-11 to finish at 52-30. This team would need to go, wait...carry the one, add that up, oh ya, 20-10 to equal that pace. My prediction actually has them doing one worse than that, so 19-11, the same record they had last year after the All Star break, a .633 winning percentage, or 17% better than I expect them to have done at the break. It all sounds reasonable to me.

Let's go Rockets, it's time to kick in the afterburners!