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A little help from some "friends"

Not only did the Rockets win last night, but a lot of teams in their way lost:

Portland lost 99-87 to Seattle: The Trailblazers are out of the playoff picture now, but they are a winning team, and a loss is still good to solidify one less team to worry about

Golden State lost 117-110 to Atlanta: Somehow they lost this game at home, that's awful. That's losing to Philly at home awful. Atlanta was previously 6-19 on the road. Wow

Denver lost 135-121 to Chicago: This Chicago team was without any of the awful players it traded for, so maybe that actually helped them. Hey! Look at that! You let your young guys play and get back to letting Ben Gordon be awesome and you win! I still have no clue why they are so lukewarm on Gordon, I love that guy.

Utah lost 114-104 to the LA Clippers: This is my favorite loss of them all. Not only is LA terrible, but I hate the Jazz. The game wasn't even that close as the Jazz were down by 20 at the end of 3. Boozer and D-Will both showed up, but no one else did. Plus that now puts them at 18-4 in the New Year, and the fact that I left them out of the hottest team in the league debate yesterday no longer matters. The Rockets now own that outright at 20-4 in the New Year. And we are both tied at 35-20 on the season.

That's 3 bad losses and one not so good loss (Denver), good night overall for the Rockets!