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Monument to Olajuwon in the Works

As seen here and many other places, the Rockets are going to honor our blogs namesake with a monument on April 11. I think Dave and I may have to be there for that.

"It's a wonderful monument to the greatest player in the history, I think, of Houston sports, and one of the greatest players of all time in the NBA," Rockets owner Leslie Alexander said. Olajuwon led the Rockets to two NBA championships and was the most valuable player of the finals both years. "I am so grateful for their thoughtfulness to honor me," Olajuwon said. "It can't be any higher than that. I feel so humbled. I mean, like, 'Wow ... I mean that much.' "
Personally I still believe it should be called the Olajuwon Center, that's how much he means to the history of the Rockets.