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Once again, for emphasis... Elisha?!?

I feel compelled to re-state what I did two weeks ago. Last night is exactly why I do NOT bet on the NFL. We now live in a world where Elisha Manning beats Tom Brady in the biggest game of the season.

The Manning Faces have won back-to-back Super Bowls now.

The Patriots... not undefeated.

The 1972 Miami Dolphins, free to remain elderly a-holes for at least another year.

Randy Moss - still ringless (this kinda sucks).

Elisha... wow. Elisha?!?! That's it - I'm rushing off to buy a Citizen Eco-Drive watch today. Those guys clearly knew something I did not. Eli Manning is truly unstoppable.

Eli Manning, the Joe Namath for the new millennium. Now we just need him to rush off, get drunk, and try to kiss Rachel Nichols during halftime of the Pro Bowl.