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An overview of my weekend

Last night... no Rockets game to watch. Naturally this led to the decision to drink heavily and play cards. Success!

Today... headache. Wake up at 10:30am, only to have to drag my ass to the office. And do some real, actual work. On a Saturday. Yup, and I'm gonna need to come in on Sunday, too it looks like (yeah, we didn't lose anyone, but I do need to play a little "catch up" before Monday). Maybe I can play a little Tetris while I am here (??).

Nevertheless, I will be making time to get home by 7:30pm so that I can sit on the couch and watch Yao and the gang destroy the Atlanta Hawks. Joe Johnson is an all-star? Maybe Tracy will show him what a real All Star looks like tonight.

Shawn Bradley - he shouldn't have been standing there! Ahhhh, the old Tracy McGrady. The one I hope shows up tonight. Go Rockets!