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Recap and Preview All Wrapped in One

Last night the Rockets won a no Effin Way game. And while Simmons may be the first guy that put that concept in print (that I know of), that concept has been around since the first Madden. The Pacers couldn't miss at times last night, even when the Rockets played lock down defense on about 9 possessions last night they still seemed to score. Most of that damage came from the three point line where the Pacers shot a season high 12-24. Career .369 three point shooter Shawne Williams was 3-3. Only Mike Dunleavy, 1-4, shot less than 50% from the behind the line. Luckily for the Rockets, he's the guy that heaved the final three pointer of the game that ended it without overtime and with a Rockets win. I don't really have too much more about the game, but it sure was nice for the Rockets to pull out a game that earlier in the season they would have blown and lost by double digits. Yep, that was nice.

Here is IndyCornrows' Recap
And to answer his "question"
Was it just me, or did Tracy McGrady seem to float through most of the game? He had a few spurts here and there, but considering the Pacers troubles stopping dribble penetration I figured T-Mac would be taking it to the hole, setting up open jumpers for himself all night. He didn't appear interested in putting out that much effort. Maybe he was still sick.

No it wasn't just you, Tracy has just decided to loaf when he doesn't feel like playing, it's really sad to see.

Up next the good guys take on the Milwaukee Bucks at 7:30PM CST. Did you know that Milwaukee is an Indian name? In fact, it's pronounced "mill-e-wah-que" which is Algonquin for "the good land." I saw Wayne's World and learned that from Alice Cooper. I'm pretty sure that makes me an expert on Milwaukee and Aurora, IL for that matter too. The Bucks have one great player that gets no real recognition in Micheal Redd, a great defender (cause he's a Longhorn) in Royal Ivey, a guy that is ridiculously overpaid in Bobby Simmons, a guy that shouldn't have been drafted over Chris Paul or Deron Williams in Andrew Bogut, oh, and Yi Jianlian, a guy Yao has said he thinks will be better than him one day, luckily today is not that day. What does that add up to? Not much really except the occasional 35-40 point game from Redd.

Milwaukee: 18-29 (13-7 At Home) They are 5-5 in their last ten at home after starting out at 8-2 and settling down.

Houston: 26-20 (14-11 On the Road) The Rockets have won 6 in a row on the road and 8-2 on the road in their last ten.

The Bucks last 5 wins at home were against Washington by 3 in OT, Indiana by 12, Atlanta by 7, Miami by 6, and Charlotte by 4. There was one good team in that mix and they had to win in OT after blowing an 11 point lead in the last minute and 32 seconds. The last 5 losses were to Phoenix by 9, Golden State by 20, Washington by 24, New Jersey by 2, and Sacramento by 13. That basically boils down to complete schizophrenia and a very slim chance of beating a good team, hell a slim chance at not getting blown out by one.

The last game between them the Rockets won 104-88 on November 9th back when they were 5-1.

I'm not very good apparently at predicting scores or big games from anyone, so I'll just keep to my prediction sheet and say this will be the 3rd win of 10 in a row for the Rockets.

Here is's Preview