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Rockets vs. Cavs on TNT!

In no way do I have time for this, but I'm going to hammer it out anyway. The Rockets take on the Cavaliers tonight at the Toyota Center at 7PM CST looking for their 5th win in a row, and on their way to 10 in a row.

Cleveland Cavaliers: 27-20 (12-13 on the road) and 8-2 in their last 10

Houston Rockets: 28-20 (12-9 at home) and 8-2 in their last 10

Team Matchups

PG: Larry Hughes vs Rafer Alston: Considering TheDreamShake (partially) and HeyLarryHughes (Completely) where created to lambaste these two, I'm calling it a draw. Some might even say it's in Rafer's favor, they'd be wrong, but they'd argue it. Moving on

SG: Sasha Pavlovic vs. Tracy McGrady: Check mark for the Rockets and I hope no one needs this explained to them

SF: BronBron vs. TheWhitestManAlive: Check mark for the Cavs, again no explanation needed

PF: Gooden vs. Scola/Landry/Hayes: I like our chances here, giving the check mark to the Rockets

C: Big Z vs. Great Wall: Check mark to the Rockets times infinity.

It all adds up to 3-1 in the Rockets favor, though I'm going to make it 3-2 for the Lebron factor.

I'm out of the score predicting business, just going to say put a W in the Rockets column tonight.

Check out the blog Cleveland Cavs site, even if Carolyn never emailed me for the Q&A! We'll get it next time (well next time is soon so email me!)

One more thing, thanks for doing what was best for me Denver, making it close, taking the Jazz to OT but then losing. It is greatly appreciated. With a win tonight the Rockets could be a half game out! If they pair a win with a Chicago win over Golden State they would actually be tied for the 8th spot in the playoffs.