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Rockets vs. Hawks

Tonight at 7:30 CST the Rockets and the Hawks tip off. The Hawks have played pretty well for a young team this year, so they are not the punching bag they have been for the last few years. In that terrible stretch of basketball for the Hawks the Rockets have won 5 in a row overall and 9 in a row at home against them. Tonight should be no different, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is a close game. The Hawks are a pretty athletic and young team, only 4 players on the roster are older than 26. Athletic teams are really the Rockets undoing if they decide to not play as a team, so hopefully they remember that team work is the way to victory every night.

Atlanta Hawks 21-25 (6-15 on the road) and 4-6 in their last 10

Houston Rockets 29-20 (13-9 at home) and 9-1 in their last 10

The Hawks are coming off a loss to the Cavaliers by 5 points at home last night in a game they were down by 11 going into the fourth quarter. After a Larry Hughes turnover they actually led with 4:46 left in the game. They only trailed by 3 with 21 seconds left, for some reason shooting 2 2 point shots instead of trying to tie the game. In the end the Cavs were too much.

Atlanta last won on the road January 25th at Seattle and before that won December 21st against Washington. They've also beaten Miami, Minnesota, Philadelphia (a team the Rockets apparently can't beat) and Orlando on the road. So in those wins they've only beaten one real team in Orlando. I bet ThirdQuarterCollapse was pissed. Yep, they were.

What's my prediction you ask? Win number 6 of 10 in a row. Like a broken record...

Go Rockets!!