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Rockets vs. Pacers

Tonight the Rockets take on the Indiana Pacers at 6PM CST. Basically meaning I will not see this game live. Note to self: Remember to call home and get Mrs. UofTOrange the DVR (Actually I'll call now so I don't forget). Okay, I'm back from making that important phone call, damn glad I remembered to do that. Luckily Grey's Anatomy and Lost aren't on tonight so I didn't have to get divorced for asking for her to tape the game. So back to your regularly scheduled program:

The Rockets take on the Pacers in Indiana.

Indiana Pacers: 19-27 (9-11 at Home)
9th in the Eastern Conference

Houston Rockets: 25-20 (13-11 on the Road)
10th in the Western Conference

That's right, 5 games over gets you 10th in the West, in the East there are currently two teams in the playoffs under .500, Atlanta at 6 games under and New Jersey at 7 games under. Not really a revelation, but something I cannot help but point out.

What do I have to say about the Pacers other than I love Reggie Miller? Surprisingly little, though Tom from IndyCornrows did a good job below of answering some of our questions. I really do like Danny Granger, and I thought he was the third best guy in the 2005 draft not named CP3 or DWill, but since he's on the Pacers I haven't been able to see him much. But Mike Dunleavy and Troy Murphy went to two of my most hated schools, so that evens out to ambivalence. I liked when the Pacers mattered, after this game I hope they find a groove.

I found, via IndyCornrows, that there is a good preview here of the game:

And I agree with most of that preview, Yao is going to dominate. But the part in bold below I found funny:
"I was watching video before practice and they were playing San Antonio and San Antonio was guarding him with two men and he still scored," O'Brien said. "So he's a pretty big load and they've surrounded him with guys that can shoot the three. We had not a little bit of difficulty guarding Rasheed Wallace; Yao is probably the premier low-post presence so we're going to have to figure something out before 7 o'clock (Friday) night to make sure he doesn't single-handedly beat us."

They did? Other than Steve Novak when did that happen? It can if they take my plea from below and trade for Redick though!!

Oh, and I'm sorry Jim, but Yao is going to be huge tonight. This is win 2 of 10 in a row, coming to you live on regional television at 6PM CST.