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Rockets vs. The Wi--rds Part 2

Another game up for the Rockets tonight against Washington at 7:30PM CST in the Toyota Center. I just realized that when the guys pull off their 16th victory in a row, they will be 20 games over .500, pretty impressive considering that they've had a losing record this season as late as January 4th at 16-17.

Washington Wi--rds:27-29 (11-17 on the road) 3-7 in their last 10

Houston Rockets: 36-20 (18-9 at home) 10-0 in their last 10

Our only other meeting of the season, the Rockets were in the middle of a 5 game winning streak that started the season turnaround. McGrady was still out and Luther Head and Yao carried the load. Rafer even came within 3 rebounds of a triple double. Carl Landry wasn't even playing yet.

The Wizards have played much better at home this season and have beaten the following above .500 teams on the road: Dallas by 2 in November, Boston on Jan 12, New Orleans last night by 3 at the buzzer. Not a huge resume of giant killing, but those are three pretty big names.

Caron Butler is still out the last I've seen and it better stay that. Tough Juice is a bad mofo and I don't want him playing. The Rockets have caught some breaks in this recent run and I'm a big fan of these good fortunes continuing.

Note to Shane Battier, fuck DeShawn Stevenson up tonight.

My prediction? 13 in a row

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