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That's about right

Basketbawful had a nice take on TMac not wanting to go to the All Star game. I don't completely agree with it, but it's only because I'm selfish. I don't want Tracy injuring himself in the All Star game any more than he does. I also don't blame him for not wanting to go to New Orleans.

In a hyped up Mardi Gras like environment, nothing really good ever happens. Now don't get me wrong, a lot of FUN stuff happens. A lot of debauchery happens. A lot of boobs in your face happens. A lot of drunkeness happens. A lot of sex in alleys happens. Unfortunately a lot of bad stuff happens too. A lot of arrests happen. A lot of "That was a hooker?" happens. A lot of I didn't remember condoms happens. A lot of unplanned children with non-spouses of yours happen.

I think that except for the last one every NBA player would go, but for an NBA star that seems to be a problem.