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That's Six in a Row, I Can See Ten on the Horizon

Thank you to the Houston Rockets for playing like a team last night again. In fact, that was quite possibly the best game they have played all year. I do not believe that anyone could have beaten the Rockets last night. Passing the ball was held up as the prefecton of offense last night and the Rockets did just that culminating in a season high 32 assists. This is the first time to top 31 assists since we beat New Orleans 123-112 a few games before the end of last season. We're moving the ball around exactly the way we should, a lot of passes, and a lot of open looks because of them.

Yao had another stellar game 12-17 and 4-4 for 28 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 blocks and 1 steal. And he sat out the last 10:24 of the game, playing only 31 minutes. After 3 okay games in a row to start this run, it's been the Great Wall show for the last two games.

Luis Scola is the guy that got the blowout started. In the first quarter he was everywhere, willing this team to a big lead. His final line: 7-9 for 14 points, 9 rebounds and a steal are deceptivly low; he was in the middle of everything and only played 25 minutes. Late in the third he either jammed or dislocated a finger, I can't find anything right now saying for sure. He looked to be fine after the trainer worked on him, but did not return to the game.

Overall it was a thouroughly dominating Halem Globetrotter-esque performance. Nice job playing like a team in a trap game guys. Nice job.

Next up: Portland Trailblazers on Monday night at 7:30PM CST. Dave and I will be there watching win number 7 in a row.

Go Rockets!!!