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This is an injustice!

This here blog has been operational for not quite four months now.

In that time, we've managed to dedicate about 35% of our time to telling you that Rafer Alston sucks (he does. He really, really does. Trust me.). We've also spent another 35-40% of our time telling you how much of a badass Yao Ming is (and in contrast, how much of a coward T-Mac has become).

That leaves about 25-30% of our time - which we dedicated to abstract, obscure and totally off-the wall pop culture references. Like... here. here. here. here. and here.

And yet, I see this completely unoriginal and obvious movie comparison link:

and then I see that it has been linked by's "Hot Clicks" today.

Really? Comparing the Houston Rockets to Rush Hour 3? Not even Rush Hour 1 or 2? How obvious and unoriginal does one have to be? Yao is Chinese... ooh, that's new!

What about us?!?!?

Keep it up. Make Yao any angrier and the appropriate movie comparison will be this one:


I smell an Academy Award. And a huge post-season.