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Whatchoo talkin bout Willis?

I have listened to a decent amount of talk radio this morning and read a decent amount of message boards, and here's the overriding feeling I keep seeing: "I can't believe we traded such a great player for nothing, he's been fantastic this year". To which I have the following to say:

What the fuck are you talking about? Bonzi was alright this year, far from anything special. Far from a good chemistry guy. I wish I knew somewhere that tracked missed lay-ups and ole defense, because I can just about guarantee that he leads the league in both. I can remember all 9 times he played defense, because I made a point to say to whoever I was watching the game with that "Holy crap, Bonzi just played defense". He is averaging 9.2 PPG and 5.1 rebounds, most of which were garnered while Tracy was out. And I know Tracy could go down any minute, but face facts, we are screwed either way if he does, so keeping Bonzi doesn't help us at all. Are you really telling me that Scola and Landry can't make up for his minutes and split up his stats 4.6 PPG each and 2.525 rebounds each per game? I'm betting they can, and so is Daryl Morey.

In his last 20 games he's had one that was great, and 2 that were good, the rest were easily replaceable. And I think the 3 that weren't easily replaceable were still able to be replaced. His "great" game came against Cleveland last week at 13 points and 10 rebounds. That was a game that 3 of his 9 good defensive plays came in. I'd personally rather have Landry and Scola, hell even Head in the game in his place giving more every night than an occasional good night from Bonzi.

I like every single part of this trade. I even like that New Orleans has Bonzi and that we can now take advantage of it. This trade is about now, and Bobby Jackson might be able to help us now, and it he can't, the trade can be about tomorrow as well. Can you imagine having to pay Mike James for two more years? That's insane.

So to recap: It's good because 1. Bobby Jackson might be able to help with instant offense 2. Bonzi can no longer miss lay-ups or not play defense or jack up 30 foot 3 point shots for us or make a costly turnover because he's lazy 3. He will be doing all of that for the number one team in the West 4. Scola and Landry will be our crunch time guys no longer allowing Adelman to live in the past with Bonzi and 5. We are out from under Mike James' contract 6. Bonzi is not a chemistry guy, I truly believe the team tunes him out. They probably like him as he seems like a fun guy, but he's not going to be missed. Especially by Scola or Landry.

It is bad because: 1. It's not at all, even a little bit 2. See number 1

Plus maybe Bobby will get under McGrady's skin and make him drive to the basket more:

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