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All good things must come to an end sometime

Congrats to the Celtics for ending the Streak.

Nothing else can be said. We got outplayed badly tonight.
By a seemingly better team.

I'm only sad because the very things we did to start and keep the Streak, we seemed to have forgotten tonight. Don't get rattled... pass the ball... motion offense... control the defensive rebounds... rotate on screens... get the loose balls... all of that was in the Celtics' favor tonight.

I'm also disappointed that 80% of the Houston fans bailed at the beginning of the 4th Quarter. I saw empty seats everywhere with 8 minutes left. That's sad. Houston is known as a fairweather fan city - and for good reason - tonight just backed up that stereotype. If you're going to be a fan in the good times... you gotta stick with the guys during the bad times, too. That's part of being a sports fan.

As for the game itself? Rafer getting baited by Rajon Rondo was a bad sign at the start. Rafer's head was immediately out of the game. The result? A 4-13 shooting night. T-Mac started great, but once he sat down it's like he never came back in the game. The Rockets still can't make free throws. That achilles' heel is going to hurt bad in April.

Scola was player of the game. And I loved Mike Harris' effort.

Damn we need Carl Landry back. Like 3 hours ago.
Come back, Carl!!!

Tomorrow? Time to start a new Streak.
Big, big game against New Orleans. A must win!