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Am I a fairweather fan?

I just sat here staring at a blank blogger screen for the last 20 minutes or so, laying on the couch trying to stop being sick off my ass. Why was I starring? Because I didn't know what to type, still don't exactly, but I'm just going to wing it as I go. It's no secret to anyone that knows me that in the Sports world, my Longhorns come before anything for me. I've actually taken days off in the past from work (vacation, not skipping work, I don't do that) to watch our baseball games on TV. I'm borderline sick in the head when it comes to the dedication I have for my Horns. Why do you care? Because it is the reason I've been so lax around here and have had a few 15 words previews for the games. I've also been extremely busy at work and at home as the boy is growing up and likes to play. I might add that playing with the boy is ridiculously awesome and my mother bought him is first basketball goal and I've been trying to teach him to shoot. My mad coaching skills have truly come into question when a 20 month old is my pupil, but I digress.

The question at hand still stands "Am I a fairweather fan"? I thought I proved that when we were 15-17 and I wrote everyday, but I actually got that question (while I think it was jokingly) yesterday because I had not written in a while. I'm not above being shamed into writing though, and here I am back to put some insight into the Rockets season. So here's the answer: Fuck you, no I'm not a fairweather fan, I'm a Rockets fanatic that happens to be even more rabid over the Longhorns, but still a fanatic about Houston sports in general. I love the Rockets and still have a lot to say before and after we win our first round series in the playoffs. Yes I'd be happier with Yao, no I do not think that stops Tracy from being denied in round one. If there ever was a year for Tracy, a very self image conscious player, to step up and take his team to the second round this is it. He will have all eyes on him and I just feel like it's time and he will rise to the occasion. I also feel like all fans of other teams need to watch out for the Rockets next year.

Let's go Rockets! Time to roll off 9 in a row going into the playoffs!!

And I'm proud of my Elite 8 Horns, great season gentlemen. And DJ, come back!!