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And the beat goes on!

"You're sixteen... you're beautiful... and you're mine!"

Who would have thought that Ringo freakin' Starr would be the person to best sum up the Rockets' winning streak -- which is now SIXTEEN (16)!!!

Rockets beat Pacers. Win by 18 points and the Pacers were never really in the game once the first quarter ended. That's seven in a row where we've beaten down the opposition by double figures. That's some imposing stuff there! Almost as if Yao's presence never really left.

Chuck Hayes - of all people - chipped in with 9 points and 11 rebounds. If you ever wondered why Luis Scola is now starting, Chuck's 9 points is a SEASON HIGH. Yes, it's true, look it up.

Meanwhile, Luis Landry had another 26 points and 14 rebounds. It's becoming routine.

The Sports Guy even took time out of his Celtics/Patriots/Red Sox schedule to notice that Carl Landry is seriously kicking ass all over the NBA. Which is awesome and yet... we're the ones who started the bandwagon. Simmons can't just take over. And all this time I thought Simmons was too busy fluffing Tom Brady, KG and David Ortiz to ever pay attention to the Rockets. I guess no one is able to ignore 16 game winning streaks.

I just like saying that - 16 game winning streak.

It's 17 as of tonight if we can take care of business.