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"I don't want money and I don't want medals"

What is better... being part of a team that is on a 22-game winning streak? Or receiving an individual award? (MVP, ROY, most improved, DPOY, etc.)??

This is a great article from discussing how the Streak has given the Rockets enough exposure that we might get to reap in some individual awards. T-Mac for MVP, Ricky for Coach of the Year, Scola for ROY, Battier for D-POY, Daryl Morey for Exec of the Year (hey, I already covered this!) ... and even Rafer freakin' Alston for Most Improved Player.

Two months ago, none of these guys were even in the discussion. Today? Adelman and Morey have to be serious contenders, while T-Mac, Scola and Battier will definitely finish in the top 5 of voting for the respective awards. Rafer... well, I just don't see how he could legitimately be "most improved" - he had a damn fine season in Toronto three years ago. I don't think he's "improved" on that season. But, hey, national recognition is always a good thing!

I'll take it! Though I'd still prefer we keep the Col. Jessup mindset and continue to order Code Reds on the rest of the NBA. No need for medals or awards just yet. We do like rings though.