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"I wasn't born with enough middle fingers!!!"

Sorry to steal the title of this post from Marilyn Manson... but it is necessary because I couldn't say it better myself right now. I may have to write my own Irresponsible Hate Anthem soon. Seriously... the critical uprising against the Rockets is now absolutely absurd.'s Marty Burns just put the Rockets 13th in his weekly Power Rankings.

13th?!!? Behind Denver, Golden State, Orlando and Philadelphia. F-U, Marty! Those four games we lost since the Streak were to Boston, New Orleans, Phoenix and San Antonio. These are all playoff teams that will probably have home court advantage in April. It's not like we are Utah and losing multiple games to teams like Minnesota! But, of course, Utah gets a free pass... sure... why not?

At least ESPN "only" bumped us to 7th. Which I can live with right now. Of course, if Simmons did the rankings, we'd be 20th.

I can't wait for us to beat up on Sacramento on Wednesday.