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I'm back and... we lost to the Fat Ass?!?!?

I'm running on fumes and what is left of my adrenaline from Las Vegas.

I'd like to thank Villanova, San Diego and UNLV for being awesome and making me money.
I'd like to give a double-fisted middle finger to Indiana, Oregon and especially St. Joseph's. Oh, and Kansas, too. Kansas couldn't hit the over. Damn you, Kansas!

I see the Rockets beat Golden State AND we got Carl Landry back! Oh, hell yeah!

I also... what the fuck?!? We lost to the Fat Ass and the beady-eyed Canadian?

T-Mac had to take 31 shots to get his points? Oh, no - T-Mac did not just revert back to the bad Tracy from earlier in the season, did he??

When did we sign Loren Woods??

We let the Fat Ass score 23 points?!?


Well, at least I won in Vegas. Now that I'm back the Rockets can start winning again, too.