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I'm calling it with 5 minutes to go, that's 17 in a row!

That's right, the king of superstition here is calling a game before the clock ticks 0. As Dave said, if we found a way to lose this it would be worse that Oilers/Bills, so screw it, it's over. As I type this, the Rockets have a 20 point lead and have eviscerated the Dallas Mavericks. 17 wins in a row is crazy talk people, only 6 teams in NBA history have ever done better than that. I'll wait till the game is over to toss in some stats, but suffice to say the Rockets kicked a lot of proverbial tail. Unless something dramatically changes this will be the 8th game in a row that Rockets have won by double digits, and they just happen to be leading by 17 and that is the average margin of victory they have had in that streak as well. It's also 11 games in a row won on the road. In our 4 losses this year, 3 have come at home, I'm not sure how that happens, but only having 4 losses all year will get me to gloss over it.

As an FYI, I'm trying to give up using four letter words and their variations. My boy is learning to talk and likes to copy daddy, so you may see some really poor filler words until I up my vocabulary to compensate. I had to say that because I bet Mavs fans have a few choice words for how everyone but Josh Howard played this lovely Texas evening.

And there it is, 17 games in a row!! The game is over, 113-98, keeping the road streak, the double digit streak and most importantly the overall win streak intact! I'm betting the guys over at The Big and the Brown are regretting that bet right about now. I'm going out on a 2 inch limb and saying they have no idea how ruthless Dave can be. It will be all in good fun... well most of it will be I'm sure.

Jason Kidd was borderline awful tonight only scoring 7 to go with 6 rebounds and 6 assists. He was not a game changer and never really caused the Rockets any fear. Of course you could say the same for Dampier and is 7 points and 8 rebounds. Seriously? I thought you were the "Best Center in the West"? What happened to that big guy?? Oh wait, getting destroyed by Yao isn't enough, you needed to be destroyed by Chuck Hayes and 41 year old Mt. Mutumbo? Without Dirk this game doesn't tell us much. It does tell us that the Mavs are done if he ever gets hurt though.

Tracy McGrady put forth his best offensive game of the season tonight, going 13-23 and only shooting 3 from the arc, scoring 31. His best stat was only 1 missed charity shot! All 9 assists were timely and passed from the double and triple teams the Mavs threw at him, and he only had 1 turnover. That's right, 1 solitary itsy bitsy turnover. TMac's rebound total of three was only low because the Rockets rarely missed, shooting 54% from the floor.

And you it's time, holy crapola, Rafer Alston was on fire tonight, 10-21, though he was 2-7 from behind the arc, for 24 points. My favorite stat tonight was his 4 assists to go with ZERO turnovers. He was throwing great passes and great ball movement lost him a few possible assists tonight. He had 5 timely rebounds and 2 steals, getting his hands in the passing lane to break up passes all game.

Luis Landry was 11-19 from the field and 7-10 from the line for 29 points. They had 3 offensive boards and 8 defensive for 11 total rebounds. They also had 3 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks. Again, they ruled. And darn you Blinebury, it's Luis Landry, not whatever that ridiculous thing you came up with, come on man, you can use it, I don't mind. You don't even have to credit me.

Great win gentlemen! Only 5 turnovers in the entire game, with 3 coming after it was decided for good. Next up for the Rockets is not cakewalk. The Hornets come into Toyota on Saturday night at 7:30PM CST. I'll put up a preview tomorrow night or Saturday morning, either way, I'm going to enjoy 17 in a row.

Speaking of cake, I think I might go find myself a piece.