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Memo to our devoted readers

Sorry for the lack of interwebs communication and blog posting here today.

First, I had jury duty this morning.

Second, I have a trial in two weeks I am preparing for. We failed to plan around the NBA playoffs and this saddens me.

Also, Lee's college team is somehow still alive in the NCAA tournament even though that Durant guy escaped to Seattle. Or Oklahoma City. Or wherever the Sonics are playing these days. So, Lee is nervously rocking back and forth in his office chair unable to speak in complete sentences or maintain rational thoughts. Something about the word "jinx" I am told.

Meanwhile I'm afraid of jinxing the Rockets before the big game on Sunday. Which, unfortunately, I just found out I won't be able to watch on TV. Will instead have to suffer through ESPN's gamecast. Ugh. Now I'm going to miss Landry dunking on Duncan's head.

Also, we did a podcast thing with an operator of a Spurs blog yesterday. We will make sure to link to that whenever it's uploaded (sometime before the game).