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MVP/ROY blogger rankings for this fortnight

Ryan over at Hornets247 was kind enough to host the most recent round of Blogger MVP/ROY rankings. For some reason Lee and I got invited to participate yet again. Here you can find the results... and a couple of our comments got posted. Winning 22 in a row apparently gives you leverage to say cool things and have people repeat them to a larger audience!

T-Mac and Scola are on the list... with Carl Landry for some reason not even cracking the top 5. You all know we voted for him. We wanted to vote for Yao, too, but we didn't want to come across as completely insane homers.

The other awesome part is that Ryan provoked some Jazz fans by repeating what is obvious: that for as good as Deron Williams is - Chris Paul is just better. I quite enjoy making fun of the Jazz. Especially when you know their fans will get annoyed by it.