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No Yao... but No Nowitzki, too!

The true first threat to end the Rockets' winning streak is/was Dallas. Who we play tomorrow night on the wrong end of a back-to-back. (If Indy wins tonight, more power to them, but I'm not ready to write the necessary rant and rave if the Rockets F this up tonight).

Dallas was an even bigger threat until about an hour ago. When we learned that the Diggler had been naughty and won't be able to come out and play.

Dirk suspended for 1 game.

And since Yao is out for, oh, another 20 games... no sympathy here, Dallas. Next time try not flagrantly fouling. Only Robert Horry gets away with that in this blog. And only sometimes.

In the meantime, Dirk, I suggest you try to enjoy your time off. Maybe have a cool, island drink or two. Spend some time with a quality lady friend. And, definitely, take pictures.

Just don't watch the game, because you might not like what you see.